1. PCAM architecture
    PaSCo: Urban 3D Panoptic Scene Completion with Uncertainty Awareness
    Cao, Anh-Quan, Dai, Angela, and Charette, Raoul
    CVPR 2024
    Oral (0.8% = 90/11,532)
  1. PCAM architecture
    SceneRF: Self-Supervised Monocular 3D Scene Reconstruction with Radiance Fields
    Cao, Anh-Quan, and Charette, Raoul
    ICCV 2023
  1. PCAM architecture
    COARSE3D: Class-Prototypes for Contrastive Learning in Weakly-Supervised 3D Point Cloud Segmentation
    Li, Rong,  Cao, Anh-Quan, and Charette, Raoul
    BMVC 2022
  2. PCAM architecture
    MonoScene: Monocular 3D Semantic Scene Completion
    Cao, Anh-Quan, and Charette, Raoul
    CVPR 2022
  1. PCAM architecture
    PCAM: Product of Cross-Attention Matrices for Rigid Registration of Point Clouds
    Cao, Anh-Quan, Puy, Gilles, Boulch, Alexandre, and Marlet, Renaud
    ICCV 2021